Pregnancy & Pediatric Care

Pregnancy is a remarkable thing – growing a human takes work (and women deserve a lot of credit for doing it!). At least 50% of pregnant women will experience back pain.¹ Many also report wrist pain, headaches, mid-back pain and leg cramps. Ouch!

A growing belly, postural changes, weight gain and hormonal fluctuations can be a real pain in the back. Literally. The way a pregnant woman moves, sits, stands and sleeps can all affect, and be affected by, her ever-changing body.

But what if I told you that pregnancy doesn’t have to be painful?

Chiropractors can help by keeping the spine and pelvis moving well through chiropractic care, including the Webster Technique. We also educate about the best postures for home and work (and labour!), and can offer tips for sleeping and exercise.

Webster: Pregnancy-Specific Care

Remember those pregnancy changes I mentioned earlier? All of those factors may have an effect on normal pelvic and sacral alignment and may create imbalances (e.g., tension and/or torsion) in the ligaments and musculature. These changes may contribute to discomfort during pregnancy, labour and/or postnatally.

Good news! As a Webster Certified chiropractor, I have advanced training the the detection and correction of these imbalances. The Webster Technique is a specific chiropractic sacrum/pelvis analysis and diversified adjustment.² The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral joint dysfunction.² What is Webster?

Say what? In a nutshell, the Webster Technique is used to help keep mom’s pelvis and spine moving well, which benefits mom and baby.

How Can I Help?

↠ Joint Pain

Conservative care, including spinal manipulation, joint mobilizations and soft tissue therapy, can help reduce pain and improve function. Lifestyle and posture education, as well as exercise prescription helps, too!

↠ Prepare for Childbirth

I recommend specific exercises and stretches to help prepare your body for labour and delivery. I can also suggest some positions for labour.

↠ Muscle Soreness

My treatment plans most often include soft tissue therapy. I can help get the muscles to relax and the joints to move better; providing exercises, stretching and ergonomic education for home care goes a long way, too.

↠ Recovery

After birth I offer tips and tricks for babywearing, diaper changing, carseat carrier carrying, breast/bottle feeding, and more. Post-natal chiropractic care for mom focuses a lot on the muscles and joints of the pelvis and spine.

Care for Infants, Children & Teens

From well-baby visits to care for specific injuries and health concerns, my advanced training & certification in pediatric care means I’m comfortable seeing your child no matter their age (even hours-old babies; true story!).

My office is child-friendly and we don’t mind the noise or the mess. Need a place to feed your baby? We’ve got you covered.

For school-aged children and teens, I focus a lot on backpacks, spinal health check-ups, and posture for school/homework/cell phones/video games. I see playground injuries, sports injuries and ‘tech neck’ injuries, too.

I want you and your whole family to feel welcome; how can I help?